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Bentley's Funeral Home was founded in 1923 by the late Deacon J.E. Bentley Sr. and his wife Mrs. Ida Carson Bentley in Reynolds, Georgia. Their motto, "Let me stand by the side of the road and be a friend to man" became the foundation on which their business has stood for generations.

In July 1958, following in the path laid by his father Deacon J.E. Bentley Jr. moved to Thomaston, Georgia and established Bentley's Funeral Home, marking the second generation of Bentley's Funeral Home. In the early 1970's he was joined in his business by his son the late Raymond Henry Bentley and the name was changed to Bentley and Son's Funeral Home. Through the years he continued to build on the foundation of serving God through serving man. In August of 1988, Deacon Bentley branched out to a new city and established Bentley and Son's funeral home in the city of Barnesville, Georgia and in January of 2006 he further expanded and opened the Bentley and Son's Funeral Home in Woodbury' Georgia.

Today Deacon J.E. Bentley Jr. along with his three sons J.W., Paul, and J.E. III continue the rich tradition of personal service with honesty, integrity, and dignity.

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